Garbage Collection for Technical Debt

CodeFix acts like a garbage collector for technical debt in your codebase. Let your development team use their product and domain knowledge to focus on new features and let the CodeFix service take care of cleaning up the technical debt in the background.

How it works

  • Step 1: Select repositories

    Log in with your Github credentials and select the repositories you want analyzed.

  • Step 2: Set your thresholds

    Set the insights and the thresholds you want for the analysis.

  • Step 3: Select and track the issues you want fixed

    You can select the issues you want the CodeCleanup service to fix or you could just let the CodeCleanup service use its FixNext ® algorithm to pick the next set of issues. The FixNext ® Algorithm looks at the kinds of issues along with the churn of the code to determine importance and priority order.

    You can also export each issue as a ticket/case to your issue tracking system and track the progress of the fix with it.

  • Step 4: Consume the fixes

    Fixes from the CodeCleanup service will be available to you as pull requests or patches that you can choose to merge into your codebase.

Why CodeFix is better

Affordable and easy to use.

Runs in the background and lets your team focus on new functionality.

Solves technical debt in prioritized order of impact.

Provides you with a better, cleaner and simpler codebase.

Interested in early access?  Get in touch!

FogBugz’s customers have exclusive early bird access to DevSpaces, CodeCleanup, and CodeRead (coming soon!).

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