Start now with the best JIRA alternative

Spend less time on managing,
and more on creating your digital masterpiece

Task Management

Track projects from start to finish, and stay productive with fewer meetings

Full Customization

Organize tasks by project, area or team, and customize workflows to suit each of them

Control Email

Intelligent sorting directs incoming emails to the relevant team or member's inbox. Emails then become cases, which you can prioritize, assign, track, and of course, reply to

Organize and Understand

Group similar problems to understand how many customers are affected by each issue. Create a knowledge base of your product with FAQs and community user groups

Built for Agile Teams

Our iteration planner lets you manage your projects in a visual way. Customize workflows, case types, statuses and project structure to match your Agile and Scrum team needs.

Kanban Board View

Provide visibility into upcoming tasks so you can continuously deliver. FogBugz allows for easy backlog management with all your features, bugs and issues already there to help build your backlog. We've built-in two decades of insight about how great software really gets built.

Bug Tracking

Easily create cases to capture bugs and enter description, screenshot, version and priority. Using a global priority scheme ensures that teams work down their list of cases in order of priority

Notifications and Alerts

Notifications ensure that you are always updated. Whether a new case, a new bug, or even changes made to wiki articles that you’ve subscribed to - you always stay in the know.

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