Our Solutions

Developer Coaching Platform

B-Hive builds developer behavior models based on historical data, that enable teams to fix code quality issues at the point where the code is actually written.
Performance Insights

Developers view their performance, and use the coaching system to improve their code quality

Actionable Data

For the first time, managers see concrete data on developers' coding patterns, to ensure they improve over time

Improve Code Quality

Organizational level data-backed comparisons enable you to create coaching and development processes

Automate Code Fixes

Ever wondered why your team has to spend time cleaning up technical debt, instead of working on new features? So did we. That’s why we created CodeFix to automatically clean up technical debt in the background.
Fire and Forget

CodeFix analyzes your GitHub repositories automatically, cleaning up code as your team works on the fun stuff

Rich Analysis

In depth analysis of the code base enables CodeFix to automatically fix issues behind the scenes

High Accuracy

The proprietary CodeFix engine ensures you don’t waste time verifying identified issues

Dockerize Applications Easily

Enables development teams collaboration via a standardized cloud-based container environment designed for software development.
Simple to Start

Published containers have everything that a team, or single developer, needs to run a development version of their app

Easy to Share

It is easy to share fully configured development environments with colleagues and contributors

Code Locally

Teams can continue to use their development favorite tools on their local workstations

Simplified Project Management

Spend less time on managing, and more time on creating your digital masterpiece. With FogBugz it's easy to align your team under a common purpose that allows you to plan, track and release great software.
Built for Agile Teams

Manage your projects in a visual way. Customize workflows, case types, statuses and project structure to match your team needs

Evidence Based Scheduling

EBS uses evidence from historical data to forecast project completion, so you know when your project will really be completed

Code Review

Branch and merge with ease and maintain code security with HTTPS, SSH and permissions

Our Products


A Platform for Modeling Developer Behavior

B-Hive generates actionable coaching insights for each developer in your team, based on historical data. Use these insights to coach your developers and create higher quality code.

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Garbage Collection for Technical Debt

Focus on developing new features, and have technical debt automatically cleaned up in the background. Higher quality code, more features shipped by your team - it's a win/win!

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The Best Way to Adopt Docker

Developers collaborate through a standardized cloud-based container environment, while continuing to use using their favorite dev tools on their local workstations.

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The Best Project Management System for Your Team

The FogBugz project management software helps you spend less time on managing, and more on creating your digital masterpiece. Align your team under a common purpose that allows you to plan, track and release great software.

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