A Platform for modeling
developer behavior

B-Hive builds developer behavior models based on historical data,
providing actionable coaching insights

Personal Insights

Developers can view their own performance, compare it with their teams and use the self-service coaching system to improve their code quality

Data Driven Decisions

For the first time, managers have very concrete data to coach each individual along with a rolling 13 week view of progress to ensure that the behavior change is actually taking place

Cross-Team Comparison

At the organization level, you get data-backed comparisons of issues and behaviors across teams that enable you to make macro decisions around coaching and development processes.

AI-Driven Behavior Analysis

Starting with a set of issues discovered in the code, the B-Hive algorithm attributes each issue to a unique developer. The collective attributions over a period of time build a predictable behavior model for each developer.

To learn more, download the B-Hive whitepaper

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