Higher Quality,
more Resilient Software Systems

DevFactory’s coveted technical product specs cement the important technical design
decisions in your product’s foundation

Design Decisions that Matter

Before a product is shipped, dozens of decisions are made and all too often the decisions that are at the core of the system - the “one-way doors” that are so difficult to change - are made in haste leading to maintenance challenges and system instability for years to come. Each one of our specs focuses on the important technical decisions and summarizes the logic used to choose one option over all the others.

Simplicity in Design

Our default decision is always the option that is simplest to maintain over time. That typically means choices that require less code, less documentation and fewer tests. By prioritizing simplicity over short-term costs and feature-breadth, we are able to support more products with fewer staff and less infrastructure.

Refresh Legacy Systems

Our process works just as well for existing products that have been in production for 10+ years as it does for greenfield development. Given access to source code, databases and technical leadership our Technical Product Managers will produce a Technical Teardown Spec describing the important technical decisions, core data structures and the seams. This spec is the foundation for modernization and extension of legacy systems.

Offload Complexity to Cloud Services

Our expertise in cloud services and deep partnerships with the major cloud vendors have led to complete rebuilds of existing systems on cloud native architectures using less than 5,000 lines of proprietary code. These “5k Rewrites” pay off huge dividends through a massive reduction in code to test, fix and support.