DevFactory, founded in 2008, has successfully leveraged manufacturing principles for software development teams around the world. The company’s solution suite of DevSpaces™, CodeRead™ and CodeFix™ enable developers to off-load highly-manual, labor-intensive, and low-level software development tasks such as code review and clean-up to focus on building great software.

News and Press Releases

DevFactory Acquires Manuscript from Fog Creek Software

AUSTIN, TexasAug. 22, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — DevFactory, a leader in AI-enabled software development tools to help software developers eliminate manual processes and optimize efficiency, today announced it has acquired the Manuscript project management solution from Fog Creek Software – maker of Manuscript, Trello, Stack Overflow and Glitch

Manuscript has been rebranded back to FogBugz

11/28/2018 – The Manuscript project was rebranded back to it’s former name of FogBugz.  This was due to popular choice among users who have used the product for close to 17 years before the name changed to Manuscript last year.

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